How to Book Online

Click the button below. You will be taken to our booking website, there are 3 sections to complete. All payments are through PayPal, you can pay as a guest or through your PayPal account if you have one
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1. Your Details

  • Please fill out your name, date of birth, email and phone number so we can register you as a new patient or identify you if you are returning.

2. Your Appointment

  • Choose the type of appointment you require.
    If you are looking for physiotherapy and this is your first appointment please select initial Physio assessment. If you are returning Physio patient then select the follow-up treatment option. If you are looking for soft tissue massage then select the relevant option.
  • Then choose the location of your appointment. More details on these locations can be found in the How to Find Us page.
  • Next, choose the practitioner you prefer. To find out more about our different practitioners see our About Page. We are all highly qualified and will provide you with a very high standard of service.
  • Then choose an appropriate time for your appointment. Select relevant times for yourself or choose the All option to see all available appointments.
  • Then select the green button: "Search for Appointments". You will then be shown a calendar with days marked in green where there are available appointments. Select a day you are available and a list of times will appear showing the available appointments for that day.
  • Make your selection and then select "Confirm Selection".

3. Payment

  • Check through the details shown, feel free to add any notes in the box.
    Then make payment by selecting the blue Paypal box, you can pay by card as a guest or by a Paypal account if you have one..

4. Confirmation

  • The appointment details will be shown on the screen and you will receive an email from Paypal confirming receipt of your payment. You will later be sent an email with details regarding your appointment.