Gym Rehabilitation

Embarking on a journey to recovery can be daunting, but with the right support and guidance, it's a path filled with rewarding milestones. Our new Gym Rehab group sessions are here to offer that support, tailored to those navigating the road to rehabilitation, whether it's pre- or post-surgery, or following an injury.
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what to expect

The Gym

Our small group sessions will assist those requiring specific joint and/or muscle rehab in regaining their pre-injury condition and improving their overall quality of life. Participants will have full access to our private gym facilities at our Aylsham clinic, where they can engage in a personalised exercise program within a small group setting. This intimate approach ensures that each participant receives the attention they deserve from our expert team.

The goal is clear: to foster mobility, build strength, and condition the areas of the body that require rehabilitation. By focusing on these areas, we aim to accelerate your return to normal life and minimise the risk of future injuries.

Flexibility is key, and we understand that commitment levels can vary. That’s why we offer both gym session passes and drop-in pricing options. Choose what works best for you and take control of your recovery journey. 


  • Monday 10am
  • Wednesday 2pm
  • Friday 10am

If you can’t make the group Gym Rehab sessions, we also offer one-to-one exercise and rehabilitation sessions with Charlotte, so click below to book in at a time that suits you.