Soft Tissue Therapy

Our Soft tissue therapists are a team of qualified therapists offering soft tissue massage and pregnancy massage.
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what to expect..

Soft tissue therapy

Our massage therapists will use a combination of techniques that will help assess and treat your soft tissue injury. Our Therapists also offer advice on how to improve posture and maintain flexibility to prevent reoccurrence of injury.

Soft tissue massage is not designed for just the sports person it can be beneficial to all. Soft tissue massage has many benefits primarily it stimulates blood flow, this can assist in the healing process for sprains, strains and other soft tissue injuries.

physical benefits can include:


Release of endorphins


Decrease in muscle spasms and cramps


Increase in oxygen flow


Decrease in blood pressure


Ease joint stiffness


Ease discomfort and assist with pain relief during pregnancy and menopause


Reduction in symptoms of fibromyalgia


improved mental health


what to expect

pregnancy massage

At North Norfolk Physio we have a specially trained pregnancy massage therapist.

Our pregnancy massage therapist uses techniques to help release muscular tension and reduce swelling in hands and feet.  Regular massage throughout pregnancy can also improve circulation, increase mobility and flexibility as well as relieving stress and encouraging relaxation. Massage during pregnancy can also help strengthen the immune system to help prepare the body physically, mentally and emotionally for the birth.